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History of department

The department "Computer and Information Systems" was organized as a result of the reorganization of the Department "Computer Science and Programming", created in January 1994 at the initiative of the Director Kremenchug branch Kharkov Polytechnic Institute (KPI) VE Maslov and Deputy Director of the Research Branch AV Lugovoi, to provide basic computer training for students of all specialties. This completed the formation stage facilities and the teachers read the general computer training courses. Their teaching until 1980 was focused on the department "Higher Mathematics" and was renovated with occasional use of computer "Nairi". 1980 Reading these disciplines transferred to the department "Electrical discipline" and is computer-based EC-1020 and 1985 - EC-1030 in batches. Since 1986, these subjects are moving to the department "Automation of production processes and robotics," where they read to the creation of the Department "Computer Science and Programming". Department staff was formed with the lecturer "Automation of production processes and Robotics" and specialists computing center branch. Assistant to the chair came TV Hubble's UV Lasko, O.V.Usenko, OM Motolyha headed candidate. Sc. Science VS Titarenko that before served as chief of computer center.

During 1994 - 95 years the department has created two computer labs, equipped with personal computers "Iskra-226" and terminal station for eight jobs developed methodological support for use in the classroom. Since then began teaching computer science with personal computers and related software. There was refilled faculty: the chair came graduates of physical and mathematical faculties of universities Ukraine from the relevant discipline - VM Sidorenko, AL Smirnov, VY Belsky, J. Zilinskyy. According to the needs of enterprises of the city and the region in Professional, purposeful work was conducted and the manager of the department in order to open training specialists in computer technology. 1998, obtained a license to train specialists in the specialty 7.091501 - "Computer systems and networks" with volume license 75 people full-time study. From 1997 to 1999 the Department was headed by the candidate. Sc. Science, Associate Professor MI Guchenko and 1999-2000. - Candidate. Sc. Science, Associate Professor AP Black. During this time, has been designed and equipped with modern computers and software, two new computer labs in eight jobs everyone started to develop methodological support disciplines cycle of a bachelor degree in "Computer Engineering".
Change main priorities of the Department "Computer Science and Programming" was held in 2000. It was reorganized into the Department "Computer and Information Systems" (CIS). It was led by Vice-Rector of Research, PhD. Sc. Science, Professor Anatoly Lugovoi, who for two decades has scientific and methodical management of computer technologies in our institution, implementation of important research projects on development of automated control systems business and process in many enterprises. Deputy Head of Department was appointed Associate Professor GU Sysyuk First of all, thanks to his efforts began purposeful work to create specialized laboratories for students in "Computer systems and networks" and equipping them with personal computers and relevant software license. During this period the laboratory programming, computer networks, computer systems, databases, computer classes and three general purpose 12 jobs each. In specialized laboratories, students learn discipline "Network information technologies", "Research and design of computer systems and networks", "Real-time Operating System", "Technologies of parallel and distributed computing" and others. In computer classes taught discipline cycle of preparation and performed general computer training for students of all majors University. For eight years, the department was able to create an extensive integrated into a computer network of university technical basis for bachelors, and Master degrees in computer engineering. It is based 92 PCs, combined with structured labs and computer classrooms LAN department, which, in turn, are segments of campus university network. It consists of two physically separated segments of. The main segments of built in a hierarchical manner, located in building number 2 University integrates specialized laboratories and running four servers - a primary and backup controllers domains, whereby the management and administration of the department and LAN routing with access to global Internet, Web- and FTP-server that provides access to instructional materials, SQL-Server, which is used in the classroom.
The lower level consists of the main segments of the local subnet specialized laboratories programming, computer networks, computer systems, databases, and graduate design office. Network laboratory networks including servers used in the classroom. On the lower level are connected PCs teachers who logically combining in a separate working group. PCs teachers have more computing resources they use more diverse software. Members of the working group have access to the Internet and greater access to shared network resources. In case number 7 is an additional segments of the LAN department, which consists of three general purpose computer classes. From the Department of 74 students jobs, 11 jobs teachers and seven servers.
Recently, many students and teachers in the classroom use personal portable PC, so their access to shared information resources department mainly organized segments of the LAN wireless WiFi.
The Department uses in teaching and research as licensed and freely spread (open) software. The structure of the license included software company Microsoft - operating systems Windows XP / 98, Windows 2003 Server, various service programs, specialized software, including compilers programming languages (Visual Basic 6.0, C ++, C #), database management systems (MS SQL Server), specialized software packages - Visual Studio 6.0, Visio Professional 2002 to open - operating system Debian Linux and QNX 6.1, Web-server Apache, Ada-95 compiler, GNAT 3.15, Turbo Prolog, database MySQL, special software MatLab, HPSIM, NetCracker, GPSS PC, VirTime.
The department works closely with leading enterprises of the city: JSC "Ukrtatnafta" Holding Company "AvtoKrAZ", JSC "Kremenchug Wheel Plant", JSC "Kremenchug Carbon Black Plant", JSC "Kryukov Car Building Plant", JSC "Kremenchug factory of road cars", JSC "Kremenchug car assembly plant", JSC "Kremenchug steel mill" firms working in the field of information technologies, and so on. Leading specialists of cities participating in the State examination boards act as reviewers and managers of student graduation projects. In particular, since 2001 based firms "axon" and "Profix" has a branch of the department.
Graduates of the department work in key positions in the vast majority of computer parts industry, financial institutions, public sector organizations and trade cities, companies and organizations Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa, Poltava, Krivoy Rog, as well as abroad in Germany, Italy , of Denmark, Russia, the United States and Canada.
Over the years the department has increased its staff by more than 5 times. Today the faculty of the department - a department 27 teachers who provide teaching 85 subjects of basic, general engineering and training students of all specialties. The department is open postgraduate specialty 05.13.03 - "Systems and Control Processes."
The fruitful work of the faculty of the department over the past five years, marked at the national and departmental levels. Among the teachers of the department - Commander of the Order "For Merit" third degree (2008), honored worker of Ukraine (2004), holder of the mark "Petro Mohyla" (2006). Professor A. Lugovoi The department is also honored inventor of Ukraine Associate Professor Selig A. Professor Guchenko MI and Associate Professor GU Sysyuk awarded diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The management and teachers of the department repeatedly awarded diplomas Regional Administration, Regional Council and Kremenchug municipality and district councils Kremenchug for his significant contribution to the development of national education and science.