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Laboratory of Data Engineering The terminal server and system "cluster" - the scalable multiprocessor architecture which is constructed on the basis of 4 computers of the Pentium-4 class and the high-speed Ethernet line that allows to distribute the current information load between the specified computers is established.  Access to a cluster from workstations allows you to solve complex computational problems on any station without using local resources of this station.


Laboratory of programming Workstations have Linux and MS Windows 2000 Professional operating systems installed.  All stations are connected to the "cluster" system.  A Citrix terminal server is used to run Windows applications.



Laboratory of computer systems and networks

2504: The local computer network (LAN) on 8 personal computers is mounted. The laboratory is equipped with a switch with a transfer rate of 100 Mbps. The connection to the educational LAN of the department and the Internet is made. Two laboratory stands were mounted: 1) the stand for simulation of an automatic parking of vehicles with the possibility of microcontrollers programming; 2) the stand for designing general purpose computer networks.

2505: The local computer network with the dedicated server is mounted.  The laboratory is equipped with HUB with a transfer rate of 100 Mbit. The connection of PCs of the laboratory to the educational LAN of the department was performed.



Course and diploma design office

5 personal computers are installed.  A local area network is installed.  The office is connected to the university network.


Digital competencies office

The local computer network on 12 personal computers is mounted. On the workstations OS MS Windows 7 is installed. The laboratory PC is connected to the university network and the Internet. A magnetic marker board and a multimedia projector are installed.