The Department "Computer and information systems" was organized as a result of the reorganization of the Department "Computer engineering and programming", created in January 1994 on the initiative of the Director of the Kremenchuk branch of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (KHPI) V. Is. Maslov and Deputy branch Director on scientific work of A. V. meadow, with the goal of providing basic computer training students of all specialties. This completed the stage of formation of the material base and composition teachers to read disciplines of General computer training. They are taught to 1980 was concentrated in the Department of "Higher mathematics" and was conducted with sporadic use of the computer "Nairi". In 1980 the reader of these disciplines is transferred to the Department of "Electrical discipline" and is conducted on the basis of the computer of EU-1020, and since 1985 – EU-1030 in batch mode. Since 1986, these disciplines are moving to the Department of "automation of production processes and robotics", where they were read before the Department of "Computer engineering and programming". The collective of Department was formed from the teachers of the Department "automation of production processes and robotics" and experts of the computing center of the branch. Assistants came to the Department T. V. Jable, J. V. Il'ina, A. V. Usenko, A. M. Motoliga, headed by Cand. tech. Sciences.With. Titarenko, who was appointed head of the computing center. 

During 1994-95 the Department has created two computer labs, equipped with personal computers "Iskra-226" and the terminal station of the eight jobs, the developed methodological support for their use in the educational process. From that time began teaching computer science using personal computers and appropriate software. Was added to the staff of the Department came to the Department the graduates of physical and mathematical faculties of universities of Ukraine in the relevant specialty – V. M. Sidorenko, A. L. Smirnova, V. Y. Belsky, Y. V. Zilinsky. In accordance with the needs of the enterprises of the city and the region in information technology professionals, has conducted focused work of the Department and the management of the branch with the purpose of opening the training of specialists in computer technologies. In 1998 obtained the license for training of specialists majoring 7.091501 "Computer systems and networks" with a licensed capacity of 75 persons in full-time education. From 1997 to 1999 the Department was headed by Cand. tech. Sciences, associate Professor N. And. Guchenko, and 1999-2000 – candidate. tech. Sciences, associate Professor A. P. Black. During this time there were created and equipped with modern computer equipment and software for two new computer classes for eight working places each, started the development of methodological support of disciplines of the cycle of bachelor training in the direction "Computer engineering".

Changing the main priorities in the activities of the Department "Computer technology and programming" was held in 2000. It was reorganized into the Department of "Computer and information systems" (KIS). It was headed by Vice-rector on scientific work, candidate. tech. Sciences, Professor meadow Anatoly, who for two decades has carried out scientific and methodical guidance of implementation of computer technology in our school, the implementation of important research works on development of automated control systems for enterprises and technological processes at many enterprises of the country. Deputy head of Department was appointed associate Professor Y. G. sysyuk In the first place, thanks to his efforts, the purposeful work on creation of specialized laboratories for the students of specialty "Computer systems and networks" and equipping them with the personal computers and appropriate software. During this time, lab-created programming, computer networks, computer systems, databases, and three computer labs General purpose 12 jobs each. In specialized laboratories, the students study discipline "Network information technologies", "Research and design of computer systems and networks," "Operating a real-time system", "technologies of parallel and distributed computing" and others. In computer classes we study the discipline of the cycle of bachelor's training is carried out and General computer training students of all specialties of the University. In eight years the Department has managed to create an extensive narovinu a computer network of University technical base for the training of bachelors, specialists and mast in computer engineering. Its basis is 92 PC, combined in structured in laboratories and computer classrooms to the local network of the Department, which, in turn, is sementem campuse the University's network. It consists of two physically separated segments.The main segment is built according to a hierarchical principle, located in the building No. 2 of the University, combines specialized laboratories and operates under the control of four servers - the main and backup domain controllers, which are used to manage and administer the department’s local network and routing to access the global Internet  , Web- and FTP-server, provides access to the methodological literature, SQL-server, which is used in the educational process.