Student research

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Research work of students is an integral part of the educational process at the department, because we have all the conditions for students to be able to realize their abilities for scientific work.

Students of the department take part in:

  • departmental research works;
  • budgetary fundamental and applied research works;
  • competitions of scientific student works;
  • All-Ukrainian student Olympiads in specialized and general disciplines;
  • scientific student circles, scientific seminars;
  • regional, national and international scientific conferences.

The second stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad "Computer Systems and Networks" is also held on the basis of the department.

Experienced lecturers of the department supervise the research work of students. The most gifted students, according to the results of research work during their studies, are recommended to study in graduate school.

The Society of Students, Postgraduate Students and Young Scientists (TSAMU) operates at the department. The purpose of TSAMU is to promote the development of scientific, research, organizational and creative activities of students of the department.