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Stage 1 Ukrainian student competition

Department of Computer and Information Systems wires and stage Ukrainian student competition in the specialty "Computer systems and networks."
We invite all interested students 1-4 courses! To participate fill out the registration form online http://goo.gl/forms/13egh7im1y or submit your details Secretary Department. CIS (rm. 2414) to 15-00 02/13/2015 p. According to the following forms





Department code





Online registration will close at 18-00 14/02/2015 p.
And Round will be held 16.02.2015 in the room. 2401 beginning at 13-30. The list of test items and test tasks included the following major subjects: "Computer Systems" (number system, work with processors and cache), "Computer Networks" (calculation LAN, IP addressing, model OSI, data transfer protocols) "Organization Database» (SQL queries, database normalization), "Database management systems" (database management), "Computer Logic" (Boolean algebra, the construction of digital machines).

To confirm the participant you should have a passport and student ID.                


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